Brunch With The Lady Brunchers

Yesterday Michael and I had the wonderful privilege of having brunch with The Lady Brunches at The Peppermill Diner and Bar in Norfolk, VA.  These remarkable women sure know how to do it up for an author.  Michael and I feel as if we are at home visiting family. The book discussion was fun and enlightening and had us all delving deep into our past and present relationships.  They enjoyed the storyline, which let me know that I have truly written a book anyone can relate to. 

I want to sincerely thank The Lady Brunchers for loving and supporting me the way they do.  I want to especially thank Iisha for creating and sustaining such an uplifting, extraordinary group.  It’s not easy, and she works hard to keep it going, not just for herself, but for other women who need to feel connected, loved and supported.  And I suspect that Iisha does not understand how important she is to all of us.  Every author, every person should be so blessed to have a group as beautiful and The Lady Brunchers.