CityLit Festival

The CityLit Festival was wonderful, as it always is.  I met a lot of new people and ran into some old friends.  One of the new people I met was a writer named Jason.  He is working on an futuristic anthology about Baltimore.  He was looking for writers.  So if you are interested, please visit his web site:

This is a picture Jason took of my display for my upcoming book Kizmic’s Journey:

Writer LaDonna Smith, author of I Married Satan, snapped this photo of me at the festival.  When you get a chance, visit her site.

I’d like to thank Gregg and the Enoch Pratt Library for putting on such a fantastic event.  I”m looking forward to being there for its Tenth Year!!

Subway Response

I met a wondefully supportive woman named Jody at the subway on my way to work a little over a week ago.  She bought In the Mirror and recommended it to her friends and encouraged them to buy the book, which they did.  The other morning, Jody stopped me and it was obvious that she devoured In the Mirror.  She absolutely loved the novel.  She talked about the scenes in great detail and what was really striking is she got all the points the book was trying to make.  She even loved the ending, which has a lot of people have been getting on me about.  Not because they didn’t like it, but because they want to know what happens afterwards.  They want a sequel.  Jody said if I had ended it any other way, it would have been just your average book that she could have written.  So all around In the Mirror is getting raved reviews.  I can’t say how great this makes me feel!