2nd Annual Baltimore Urban Book Festival

The book festival was pretty good this year.  I met a lot of new authors and had a good time.  I was selling In the Mirror, Water In A Broken Glass and doing a little promoting for Kizmic’s Journey.  Here are some pictures.  Michael and the kids helped me set up.  I couldn’t do any of this without my wonderful family.

Michael let me borrow some of his football cards to help promote Kizmic’s Journey.  The men that came by the table loved the football cards and the minature skully board.  Phinesse Demps loved this card.

Author Donnie Manuel sees if he still got it.  He said he played skully when he was a kid.

Finally met author Lakia McDaniel.  I bought her book too.

Poet Evan Quitelle can still do his oneies.

Me and my publisher, Devlon.