Happy From Baltimore, Maryland

I love Pharrell William’s song “Happy.”  When I saw the video, I loved it even more, and I said to myself, I’ve got to make a video like that for Baltimore. So my husband and I made the video in 3 days.  We shot on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Then edited on Sunday night, and posted the video on Monday morning.  We had a great time shooting this video. Everyone in it and watching us shoot it enjoyed themselves. This video is the very embodies the spirit that motived me to start doing This Is Baltimore, Too.  I thank Pharrell Williams for making such a positive, happy song.  It makes us all be happy.

By the way, there is a web site dedicated to all the videos that have been made in tribute to “Happy” around the world.  Last count there were 460 cities.  we posted the first from Baltimore.  Check it out and be happy.  Click the 2nd Baltimore.