Odessa Rose Presents The Pitch

Fiction, Horror, and Romance Writers, I have created a site for you! It’s called Odessa Rose Presents The Pitch, and it’s designed to give you a platform to read and discuss your work. I love hearing authors read and talk about their stories. Booktrailers are good, but listening to authors explain how a story came about, how they developed a character, how the came up with a particular voice, read a scene from their books so readers get a true understanding of the themes, having writers tell who they are as writers, and why they write is just exciting and motivating.

So, Odessa Rose Presents The Pitch is a collection of authors reading and discussing their work and themselves. It’s easy to be included in this fine group of writers. All you have to do is send me an email and I’ll give you the submission guidelines.

I can’t wait to see your pitch!
As always, Happy Reading and Writing.


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