Water The Movie

My first novel Water In A Broken Glass was published September 15, 2000.  It was my first novel, my baby.  I worked on Water for about 3 or 4 years before it was finally published by the small press, La Callie Nous Publishing, Inc.  That day was a dream come true for me.  People were going to read this story that I love so much and hopefully they will love it, too.  My hopes were realized when Water received glowing reviews from readers and book critics.  People didn’t just fall in love with Water.  They fell in love with the characters.  They fell in love with my writing.  They fell in love with everything there is to love about a great story.

Now, Almost 15 years later, Water In A Broken Glass will be made into a film.  This is beyond my wildest dreams.  I still have a hard time believing this is happening.  To have people love my book so much they want to put it on the silver screen says a whole lot.  Check out the three women who have made this all possible — Jamelle Williams-Thomas, Rahima R. Rice, Danielle S. Mooney and how they plan to make this film happen.

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