The Tormentors Premiere


On Thursday, October 11th, I returned to the Senator Theater where Water In A Broken Glass premiered in March.  This time I went to support a film produced by my dear friend Patricia Johnson-Harris.  The film is called The Tormentors, and it is based on a book written by Erin Bowman, Cordell Forbes, Isaiah Benjamin, Jermaine Powell Jr..  These talented teenagers were part of the Youth Writers Challenge created by Patricia.  After reading the book, Patricia decided to turn it into a movie, which they filmed in July.  The book and movie are great pieces of work.  The premiere was a great success.  Check out the video I shot while attending.  Then buy the book, and be on the look out for future screenings.

In The Mirror film Debute

On Saturday, October 28th, I attended the premiere of Finding Desmond, a film by Antonio Jefferson.  It was a wonderful screening.  The film was fantastic.  It made you laugh, cry, and really feel for the characters.  Oh, and the coolest thing happened.  While I was watching the film, one of the characters was reading In The Mirror.  He even mentioned my name.  That was so unexpected.  I truly thank Antonio for including me in his work.  What an awesome experience to know that your peers respect your work enough to include it in theirs.  Thank you again, Antonio.

I filmed a quick video of this special day.  Click on the link

Film Festival

Water In A Broken Glass was selected by the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza in DC.  We had a great time at the screening.  Billie Krishawn, who plays Tonya, was in the audience.  Here are a few pictures.