What The Other Woman Knows

If you were to ask the other woman what she knows about her boyfriend, she would probably say something like, he is not in love with this wife.  He’s only there for the children.  As soon as the timing is right, he’ll leave his wife and marry her.  If the wife was doing her job he wouldn’t be sleeping with me.  His wife is not as pretty as I am.  His wife doesn’t listen to him the way I do.

If you ask the other woman about her married boyfriend, she would tell you a slew of things about his wife.


Where Is Jasmine?

In The Mirror, like most of my stories, takes place in my wonderful hometown of Baltimore. So I’m going to share Batlimore through the eyes of Jasmine, the main character of In The Mirror.  So hang out with Jasmine as she takes you on a tour around the city and shows you a Baltimore few people see.

Subway Response

I met a wondefully supportive woman named Jody at the subway on my way to work a little over a week ago.  She bought In the Mirror and recommended it to her friends and encouraged them to buy the book, which they did.  The other morning, Jody stopped me and it was obvious that she devoured In the Mirror.  She absolutely loved the novel.  She talked about the scenes in great detail and what was really striking is she got all the points the book was trying to make.  She even loved the ending, which has a lot of people have been getting on me about.  Not because they didn’t like it, but because they want to know what happens afterwards.  They want a sequel.  Jody said if I had ended it any other way, it would have been just your average book that she could have written.  So all around In the Mirror is getting raved reviews.  I can’t say how great this makes me feel!

Who’s To Blame When A Husband Has An Affair

Back in the summer I contacted “Professor’s House” and asked if they would be so kind as to review my novel, In the Mirror.  I was told that they did not review books, but I could write an article on the subject of the book.  Between family, church, work and promoting, I wrote this little article.  People tell me it’s pretty good. 

Thanks Professor’s House for publishing it. 


Ready, Set, Book Release!

It’s almost time.  In the Mirror will be out on Saturday, September 10th. I am so excited. I don’t know what to do. I can’t wait for people to read it. I believe everyone will love it just as much as Water In A Broken Glass. I have a lot planned for this release. This is going to be a wonderful week!

Excerpt from “In the Mirror”

Jasmine turned on the radio for what was going to be a long lonely ride home. Phyllis Hyman singing “What You Won’t Do For Love” trumpeted softly out of the speakers. She had driven a couple of blocks when she spotted Daniel in her rearview mirror, not st…alking, not hanging back trying not to be seen but staring at her, waiting for her to notice him.
Is he following me?
What does he want?
You know what he wants.
But I can’t.
We’ve been through this already.
I know, and we’re going to keep on going through this because he’s still married.
So what?
So what! So what? I can’t commit adultery, that’s so what.
Adultery? What are you talkin about? Did you stand up in a church, in front of a preacher and a bunch of witnesses swearin to be faithful to somebody?
No, but . . . But what? What about his children?
He ain’t worried about ‘em. Why should you?
But it’s wrong.
Says who?
She’s got her man.
My mother.
She’s got hers too.

My father.
Doesn’t have to know.