CityLit Festival and Baltimore’s Uprising

This year I attended the 12th Annual CityLit Festival, which is held at the central branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library.  It took place the Saturday after what is now known as “Baltimore’s Uprising.”  It was a difficult time for the Baltimore.  At CityLit, a number of authors and poets discussed their work and expressed their feelings about the riots and their love for Baltimore.


Odessa Rose Presents The Pitch

Fiction, Horror, and Romance Writers, I have created a site for you! It’s called Odessa Rose Presents The Pitch, and it’s designed to give you a platform to read and discuss your work. I love hearing authors read and talk about their stories. Booktrailers are good, but listening to authors explain how a story came about, how they developed a character, how the came up with a particular voice, read a scene from their books so readers get a true understanding of the themes, having writers tell who they are as writers, and why they write is just exciting and motivating.

So, Odessa Rose Presents The Pitch is a collection of authors reading and discussing their work and themselves. It’s easy to be included in this fine group of writers. All you have to do is send me an email and I’ll give you the submission guidelines.

I can’t wait to see your pitch!
As always, Happy Reading and Writing.


This Is Baltimore, Too: The Baltimore Book Festival

Welcome to another edition of This Is Baltimore, Too.

Every September, Baltimore holds its annual Baltimore Book Festival.  It is one of the biggest book festivals in the city, and it’s free to the public.  It runs for 3 days and has hundreds of authors, panel discussions, readings and signings.  It also has live music and food, food, food.  I love the food.  I go for the food as much as the books.  This year I had the privilege of talking with some talented authors, who spoke enthusiastically about their work, so much so, I was ready to go home and write another book.  So, sit back and watch the video and see what you can learn from these wonderful writers.

Enjoy and leave a comment.

East Point Booksigning

I had a great time at the booksigning today.  There were about 13 authors from the Black Writers Guild of Maryland there.  I was able to pass out flyers for my upcoming novel, In The Mirror.  People were very interested in the story.  I can’t wait until the book is ready.  Until then, I have a lot of work to do.