The Baltimore Book Festival 2017

I had one of the best times at the Baltimore Book Festival on Sunday.  I met a lot of talented authors and a bunch of excited readers, who were looking for the next book that will keep them reading through the night.

The new cover for In The Mirror was a big hit.  Readers could not resist picking the book up and once they read the synopsis, they couldn’t leave without buying it.  So, once again I want to thank Tyrone Wilkens, Toni Belafonte, Lauren Smith, and Malcolm Blackman for helping me reshoot the cover.  It is a beautiful thing.

So below are so highlights from the festival.  On my Facebook page, are interviews of several authors, who were gracious enough to allow me to Go Live so I could share their work with my friends and family, who, by the way, were super, super supportive and came out to get their copy of In The Mirror.  I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.  Happy Reading 🙂

The Baltimore Book Festival

Look what arrived just in time for my appearance at The Baltimore Book Festival.  The official rerelease of In the Mirror is Friday, September 29, 2017, but if you come to the Book Festival, you will be able to get a copy and start reading about Jasmine Falls and what she does to get proof that her boyfriend is not in love with his wife.

I will be at the book festival on Sunday, September 24th with the Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland from 3 pm to 7 pm.  I hope to see you there.

As always, thank you all for your support.  It is truly appreciated.

Baltimore Book Festival

This weekend Baltimore held its annual Baltimore Book Festival.  From Friday, September 26th through Sunday, September 28th, readers and writers came together to share their love of books.  Since its inception, the festival has been held at Mount Vernon, but it was moved to the Inner Harbor because the Washington Monument is being restored.  The new location was okay, but it was a bit spread out.  I personally like the Mount Vernon location.  Other than that, I had a grand time.  I had Water In A Broken Glass and In The Mirror on the table.  Readers loved them both.  I met some new writers, and I hung out with my friends from the Black Writers Guild.  It was a great weekend.


Black Writers Guild Memebers

Black Writers Guild Memebers

Black Writers Guild Members.

Black Writers Guild Members.

This wonderful author helped to write one of my favorite movies, the original Night of the Living Dead.

This wonderful author helped to write one of my favorite movies, the original Night of the Living Dead.


This Is Baltimore, Too: The Baltimore Book Festival

Welcome to another edition of This Is Baltimore, Too.

Every September, Baltimore holds its annual Baltimore Book Festival.  It is one of the biggest book festivals in the city, and it’s free to the public.  It runs for 3 days and has hundreds of authors, panel discussions, readings and signings.  It also has live music and food, food, food.  I love the food.  I go for the food as much as the books.  This year I had the privilege of talking with some talented authors, who spoke enthusiastically about their work, so much so, I was ready to go home and write another book.  So, sit back and watch the video and see what you can learn from these wonderful writers.

Enjoy and leave a comment.