CityLit Festival and Baltimore’s Uprising

This year I attended the 12th Annual CityLit Festival, which is held at the central branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library.  It took place the Saturday after what is now known as “Baltimore’s Uprising.”  It was a difficult time for the Baltimore.  At CityLit, a number of authors and poets discussed their work and expressed their feelings about the riots and their love for Baltimore.


Wyzae Crankfield

Anyone who knows me knows that I love horror books and movies.  I blame it on my mother, who used to read Stephen King novels to her children when we were small.  One of the things I love most about horror are zombies.  I love watching zombie movies.  Don’t ask me why.  It’s just fun to watch.  So, you know I love The Walking Dead.  It is by far my favorite television show.

Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet a guy by the name of Zomb-G, also known as Wyzae Crankfield.  And guess what.  He’s a zombie!  Yep!  And he’s from Baltimore.  So you know I had to interview him for This Is Baltimore, Too.  Wyzae Zomb-G is a very entertaining and interesting dude.  Check him out, and you will find that he is also very intelligent and inspiring.  You know that’s how we do at This Is Baltimore, Too.  So, check out his story and See What’s Good In Your Baltimore Neighborhood.


Etosha Bakari

This Is Baltimore, Too had the pleasure of interviewing Etosha Bakari.  She is wife, mother, track coach, and just a wonderful person.  Please check out her story.  You will not be disappointed.

This episode also features visual artist Randall Gornowich.  He does something very creative with balls from sweet gum trees.

Take a few minutes to become acquainted with these two very inspirational people from Baltimore.

Hand Games

Kizmic’s Journey takes us back to the 70’s when children played hand games.  I got together with my family and friends and went back down memory lane.


This Is Baltimore, Too

The first episode of This Is Baltimore, Too will air on Channel 75 on Tuesday, November 11th at 9pm. This show focuses on the “Enough Is Enough Prayer Walks” orgainzed by city Councilman Nick Mosby and his wife and newly elected States Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. The walks were in response to the violence in the city. We featured the Prayer Walks because they show the citizens of Baltimore in a very different light.

In addition to the Prayer Walks, this episode features two other segments that show the good in your Baltimore neighborhood.

So, please spread the word about This Is Baltimore, Too, and be sure to tune in. Michael and I believe you will love this show.

Channel 75 Program Announcement


This Is Baltimore, Too

All Right Everybody!

We did it.  This Is Baltimore, Too will be on TV.  Starting Tuesday, November 11, 2014, This Is Baltimore, Too will air on Channel 75 every Tuesday at 9pm.  Please tell all your friends to tune in.  The first show will be The Enough Is Enough Prayer Walks organized by Councilman Nick Mosby in response to the crime in the city.  While this show covers crime in the city, its main focus are the people trying to do positive things to help abate it.  I believe you will enjoy this piece.  Michael and I are very proud of it.  It also features two other very good pieces about Baltimore.

So tell all your friends and family to watch the show so they can see the good in our Baltimore neighborhoods.


Michael and Odessa