In The Mirror

Hey Everyone!

Finally, In The Mirror is now available!!!  Click on the following link and begin your journey into the heart and mind of the other woman.  Read In The Mirror and see the other woman in a way she hasn’t been seen before, even by herself.  Thanks so much for your support.  I know you are going to love Jasmine.

Click the link below 🙂

What’s Happening!!

I recently bought the DVD for the 70’s tv show What’s Happening!!  My husband and I wanted our children to see what we grew up watching.  They love it.  Our daughter especially loves Dee, because she acts like her sometimes.  I’d forgotten what a loving show it was.  It was positive and dealt with a lot of important issues, all of which we are still dealing with today.  The other thing I’d forgotten about the show as that Raj wanted to be a writer.  I started to remember how I sat around writing little stories on notebook paper and fantasizing about being a famous writer one day.  LOL.  Well, I’m not famous, but I am a writer.  Shows like What’s Happening!! helped little girls like me dream.  And if you can dream, you can make it a reality.