Water and the Hampden Branch Library

I had the most marvelous time at the Hampden Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library.  Devon, the branch manager, set up a theme in the library based on black art and water, including bottles of water from all over the world.  It was one of the coolest things anyone has ever done for a discussion about Water in a Broken Glass.  Speaking of discussion, it was so awesome.  Everyone really enjoyed the characters, the art in the book, and the way Baltimore is represented.  Devon appreciated the mention of the Pratt Library in the book.  If you have a chance, please visit the library.  It’s small but so adorable.  You will love it.

I thank the Hampden Branch for having me and all the people who came out to support me, which includes my mama and my husband, Michael.

Here are a few pictures.  Enjoy.


Page Turners Book Signing

I had the most marvelous time at my book signing for the Page Turners Book Club.  It was held at the Woodlawn Library and boy when I say they pulled out all the stops, I mean they pulled out all the stops for me as an author.  Delicious food, great crowd, insightful conversation about the book, and even a replica of the broken glass on the cover of Water In A Broken Glass, created by Rosa Stone.  That was simply amazing that she did that.  Also, I want to give a shout out to some of my fellow authors who came out to support me and the Page Turners: Rosa Griffin, Wilma Brockington-Parker, and Leroy McKenzie.  Every author should be spoiled in the way the Page Turners spoiled me.  They are truly an awesome book club.  Thank you so much.


Me and the artistic Rosa Stone, who made the replica of the broken glass. 

Signing On The Subway

For the past 2 weeks readers have approached me on the subway to have their copies of In the Mirror signed.  This is getting too cool for words.  Baltimore is showing In the Mirror all kinds of love.  Thanks so much for supporting me.

Book Signing At The Book Escape!!

The book signing at the Book Escape was great!! My co-workers showed up like nobody’s business. I wasn’t surprised because they have supported me since they first learn about my first book. But it feels great to know that people care about you like that. I had the best time I’ve ever had at a signing.  And The Book Escape was so wonderful. They too have been very, very supportive. They are a bookstore that truly celebrates and supports local authors.  Thank you Andrew, Mary and Sophia.  If you are an author, you need to hook up with these three wonderful people.  

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