Life Of An Author With A Day Job

I stayed up last night until a little after three in the morning working on my press packets and rehearsing an excerpt for Water In A Broken Glass.  I hope to have it posted tonight.

I found out that In The Mirror is now available at Barnes & Noble, in paperback and on the Nook.  Two people have purchased and reviewed it.  The reviews are great.  They didn’t leave their names, but I want to take this opportunity thank them for reading In The Mirror and taking the time to review it.

Sistahs on Lit

Tonight’s the night.  I will be chatting with Sistahs on Lit about In The Mirror.  We will discuss the other woman, marriage, infidelity, love, romance, friendship, family, all the things that at the heart of In The Mirror.  This promises to be a very interesting, entertaining, and informative discussion.  I hope you will drop by and join in on the discussion, as I’m sure your comments will give us more insight into the other woman.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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In The Mirror Is Here!

After two years of rewriting, editing, redesigning the cover, and a whole bunch of other stuff, In The Mirror is finally here!  ‘This exciting novel takes you into the heart and mind of the other woman and shows her in a way she has never been seen before, even by herself.

In The Mirror is available in paperback at Amazon and on Kindle.

Get It! Read It! Love It!

Classy Image Bookclub

The wonderful women of Classy Image Book Club selected In the Mirror as their Book-of-the-Month.  We had a very lively discussion.  They truly enjoyed the book and I enjoyed listening to their take on Jasmine and the predicament she places herself in.

Below is an excerpt from our discussion.  I had a ball myself.  Thank you Angela, Pandora, Karen, Sharon, and Midge for supporting me and loving Jasmine, despite all her problems.


In the Mirror

In the Mirror is coming along great.  I’m editing the book like crazy.  I ran into a few roadblocks, but now I’m up and running again.  The edits to the book are making it such a better book than it was before.  Everyone word connects to the story and helps you understand the characters and experience this world like never before.  I can’t wait to finally release this new and interesting take on the other woman to the world. Thanks for waiting.  You will not regret it.

In the Mirror

Well, the cover is completed.  The book is edited.  All I have to do now is wait on my ISBN and LCCN and In the Mirror will be re-released under Cool Water Press.  I can’t wait, and, apparently, neither can some anxious readers who are contacting me about purchasing In the Mirror.  I am so thankful people want to read this story.  I can promise that they will not be disappointed.  In the Mirror shows the other woman in a way she has never been seen before, even by herself.  I had a great time writing about Jasmine.  She is fun to write about.  I can’t wait for people to meet her.

Boost Book Club

I am so happy that Boost Book Club picked In the Mirror for their book-of-the-month.  I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about Jasmine.  Do they think she’s crazy?  Do they think I’m crazy for writing the book?  Some people think a little bit of both.  It’s going to be a great time.

Reading In the Mirror

I’ve noticed that when I describe the plot of In the Mirror to potential readers, most shy away from the book.  I completely understand and sympathize with their response, because this is such a deeply personal and painful topic.
During the research phase of writing this book, I learned that a number of women are or have been the other woman.  Several have friends or family members who are or have been the other woman.
Any of these being the case, they do not want to open themselves up to a book they believe will berate them or the people they love.  Then there are women who have been betrayed by their husbands in this manner, and do not feel the need to vicariously relive that heart-wrenching experience.  And still, there are those who think that In the Mirror is simply another run-of-the-mill story about a no-good man cheating on his wife with a heartless, demented woman.
But I can assure you that In the Mirror spares its readers all the stereotypical drama we have seen in movies and read in other novels.  In the Mirror is a refreshing, compassionate, heart-to-heart tale about the other woman.  Written with vivid detail and rich humor, I explore the complex realm of the human psyche.  Grounded in themes of love, choices, family and friendship, I show the husband, the wife and the other woman in ways they have never been seen before, even by themselves.

In Case You Haven’t Heard

 Here’s What People Are Saying About

In the Mirror


“As a fan of Odessa Rose since reading her first book, Water in A Broken Glass, I’m excited she has offered this interesting and intense story and glad to have read it,” Talibah Chikwendu, Afro American Newspaper.


“…anyone who has been the ‘other’ woman, knows someone who is the ‘other’ woman or who has an opinion…about the ‘other’ woman will be shocked and moved by this novel,” Iisha J. Bradford, Lady Brunchers Book Club.


“Rose gives readers an inside view of what happens when Jasmine’s plan slowly begins to unravel as she witnesses what true love is really all about,” Priscilla C. Johnson, APOOO BookClub.


“Normally the other woman is on the outside and not able to look in! Rose resolves this by placing Jasmine Falls in the middle of her married lover’s house. What unfolds is an emotionally gripping, wrecking tale of a woman who wants to prove she is more than a fling,”   G. Dan Buford, author of Separate But Equal.


“Characters are Rose’s bread and butter and she does them well, making you feel as if they are your friends and sometimes your enemy. Wondering what makes them tick and what will tick them off. In the end, reality bleeds true and life turns out…interesting. The closet will never be the same again after reading In the Mirror,” Anondra Kat Williams, author of black girl love.


“Come and take a look In the Mirror.  You just might see yourself,” Dahni McPhail, author of My Girl Is Your Girlfriend.


 Here’s What People Are Saying About

 Water In A Broken Glass


“Odessa Rose’s sensuous story twists and turns throughout an attraction triangle shared by a popular sculptress, a man she loves and the woman she ends up loving even more. It’s a joyous journey through eroticism and art alike, and many readers consider it a major triumph of African-American lesbian literature,” Accredited Online Colleges


“Rose’s meditative insights into family closeness and loyalty and her exquisite sense of detail make this a promising debut and a strikingly unusual romance,” Whitney Scott, Booklist


“Rose blends music, color and a range of characters and human emotions, thus creating a wonderful field of texture upon which the reader can play,” Professor Ann Cobb, Coppin State University.


“Intriguing.  Once you encounter the mix of characters you can’t put it down,” B.J. DeGraff, Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland


“Mrs. Rose has created real people—flawed, strong, hopeful people—and allowed us to watch their lives unfold and share their struggle, growth and emergence..” Talibah Chikwendu, Columnist and Operations Specialist for the Afro American Newspaper


“Odessa Rose makes the reader comfortable with the characters, as well as their surroundings and graciously helps the reader to truly understand Tonya’s confusion!”  Cheryl Robinson, Just About Books Internet Radio Talk Show


“[Rose’s] gift for creating characters of depth and settings that carry the taste of reality make this book a real delight for those who prize vivid characters and realistic settings in their fiction,” Ed Doyle-Gillespie, Word House.


“A fantastic book!” Maryland Delegate, Barbara Robinson


“. . . this novel fearlessly speaks to an often invisible culture with the hope that the reader will walk away a little more human, a tad more tolerant, and a heck of a lot smarter,” Doni Glover, Journalist and On-Air Talent