Countdown to the Rerelease of In The Mirror

In just a few short days, everyone will be able to purchase the revised edition of In The Mirror.  You can order it at Amazon

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In The Mirror Challenge

I accept my In The Mirror Challenge.
I look in the mirror and see me being happy despite all the things in the world that can make you want to cry instead of smile. I see a woman who loves her life. Who sees and understands just how richly blessed she is. I see a woman full of hopes and dreams. I see me.

In The Mirror

I’ve just ordered the final proof for In The Mirror. I can’t wait until it gets here. I am so excited about this book. I believe people are going to love it. It has everything readers would want in a story about the other woman–love, romance, drama, self-discovery, suspense. All the questions a person may have about why the other woman is the other woman and how she maintains in that role is answered by Jasmine, the protagonist. Reading In The Mirror will take you deep inside the heart and mind of the other woman, and you will emerge seeing her in a totally new light.

Where Is Jasmine?

In The Mirror, like most of my stories, takes place in my wonderful hometown of Baltimore. So I’m going to share Batlimore through the eyes of Jasmine, the main character of In The Mirror.  So hang out with Jasmine as she takes you on a tour around the city and shows you a Baltimore few people see.

Classy Image Bookclub

The wonderful women of Classy Image Book Club selected In the Mirror as their Book-of-the-Month.  We had a very lively discussion.  They truly enjoyed the book and I enjoyed listening to their take on Jasmine and the predicament she places herself in.

Below is an excerpt from our discussion.  I had a ball myself.  Thank you Angela, Pandora, Karen, Sharon, and Midge for supporting me and loving Jasmine, despite all her problems.


In the Mirror

In the Mirror is coming along great.  I’m editing the book like crazy.  I ran into a few roadblocks, but now I’m up and running again.  The edits to the book are making it such a better book than it was before.  Everyone word connects to the story and helps you understand the characters and experience this world like never before.  I can’t wait to finally release this new and interesting take on the other woman to the world. Thanks for waiting.  You will not regret it.

Boost Book Club

I am so happy that Boost Book Club picked In the Mirror for their book-of-the-month.  I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about Jasmine.  Do they think she’s crazy?  Do they think I’m crazy for writing the book?  Some people think a little bit of both.  It’s going to be a great time.

Let’s Talk About The Other Woman

Who is the other woman?  What does she want?  How did she become the other woman?  What does she have to endure, accept, ignore and sacrafice in order to keep her status as the other woman?  Is the other woman lonely.  Does she have low self-esteem?  Is she mentally unstable?  How long will she be content with being the other woman?  Is she content with being the other woman?  Does she believe it’s worth it to be the other woman?  We she get the prize in the end?  Does the other woman have low expectations for men?  What does the other woman get from being the other woman?  How does the other woman cope with being the other woman?  Is the other woman your mother, sister, best girlfriend, aunt?  What exactly do you say about the other woman?  What exactly do you say to the other woman?


The reviews for In the Mirror are rolling in. Just got another from Baltimore Library Girl. She totally got everything I hoped readers would get.  I want to thank everyone for their support and for taking the time to write about the book. Click on the link below and take a look at what people are saying about In the Mirror.