In The Mirror on the Big Screen

Hey Everybody,
Baltimore filmmaker, Antonio Jefferson, is shooting a film and he will be using In The Mirror in a scene that he’s filming today!!! Antonio has produced a number of short films and now he is working on a feature length project, which is what Mirror will be in. Is that cool or what? I’m so excited! Again, y’all thanks for the support. And I’ll let you know when the film is done so you can check it out. In the meantime, check out Antonio’s films.

What The Other Woman Knows

If you were to ask the other woman what she knows about her boyfriend, she would probably say something like, he is not in love with this wife.  He’s only there for the children.  As soon as the timing is right, he’ll leave his wife and marry her.  If the wife was doing her job he wouldn’t be sleeping with me.  His wife is not as pretty as I am.  His wife doesn’t listen to him the way I do.

If you ask the other woman about her married boyfriend, she would tell you a slew of things about his wife.



I haven’t been here in a minute.  I’ve been so busy editing In the Mirror that I haven’t had a chance to blog.  Well, as I said, I’ve been editing In the Mirror.  It’s taking long than I anticipated, but the novel is shaping up much better than ever.  I am so excited.  Right now I’m getting rid of the 400+ similes I have in the book.  I didn’t know they were there.  I also had to get rid of 300 or so “as if” phrases.  Overall, I’m having a good time because the book is a 100 times better than before.