Baltimore International Black Film Festival

What’s Going On People ūüôā

It’s been a minute because I’ve been so busy.¬† Water In A Broken Glass is keeping busy.¬† We have been accepted into so many film festivals.¬† It is incredible.¬† This is truly a dream come true.¬† I don’t really know how to process it all.¬† I try, but I don’t think I’m supposed to.

On Thursday, October 4th, Water screened at the Charles Theater as part of the lineup for the Baltimore International Film Festival.¬† It was awesome.¬† The love people have for this film is amazing.¬† I’m so happy for the cast and crew because all their hard work is paying off.


A Few Minutes on Writing

Well, after months of struggling, I’m finally really into my last novel called The Subway.¬† It’s a challenging book, but I’m having a great time writing it.¬† I have the hardest time starting a book.¬† The first chapter gives me the blues, because I can’t just write any old thing and keep going, even though I know it’s a first draft.¬† The first chapter sets everything up for me, so it has to be right from the gate.¬† Now that doesn’t mean that when I finish the beginning won’t change, but for now that is the beginning.

What’s Happenin’ People :)

It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to post.¬† So much has been happening that I haven’t had time.¬† These last few months, actually the last two years have been amazing.¬† Things are happening in my life that I never imagined would happen.¬† As writers, we always dream about something big happening in our careers but we never really believe they will or can come true.¬† Well, things that I dreamed and didn’t dreamed are happening.¬† It’s crazy.

Let’s see.¬† Where do I start?¬† I guess with May 11th.¬† That is the day Water In A Broken Glass screened at the DC Center for the LGBT Community.¬† It was an amazing night.¬† Candiace Dillard, who plays Nikki, was there with her family.¬† Jamelle, my husband, Michael, and I were there.¬† Kirby Griffin, who shot the film came.¬† And Wes Hall, who plays Malcolm made it.¬† The audience loved the film.¬† They were laughing, fussing, and crying throughout the movie.¬† That let us know that the film hit all the right cords with them.

A few days later, The Washington Blade wrote a wonderful review about the film.  Check it out.

Then on June 16th, Water screened at the Rapport Film Festival in London!¬† London y’all!¬†

That was incredible.¬† We weren’t able to attend, but at around 11 am our time, we all started tweeting, posting, and texting about our film playing in London.

Then on July 14th, Water screened at the CineOdyssey Film Festival in Charlotte, NC.  Jamelle, Emi, the script supervisor for the film, Michael and myself attended.  The cast was not able to make it because they were busy with other projects.  But we represented for them.  Jamelle participated in a panel discussion on diversity in Hollywood.  Then we returned for the screening of Water.  And guess what!  We won Best Film.  That was so incredible.  We were not expecting that at all.  Check out the picture of us during the Q&A and see the surprised looks on our faces.  We were like, Tre, for real?

I want to thank Tre McGriff for selecting our film.¬† It is an incredible honor.¬† It means so much because I watched how hard the cast and crew worked on this film and for them to receive this award is awesome.¬† They truly deserve it.¬† And a special thank you goes to Eternity Phillips who told Tre about Water.¬† If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have even known about the film.

Congratulations Everyone!!!!

Busy, Wonderful Time

To say that life for me has changed would be an understatement.¬† So many wonderful things have happened in my life.¬†¬† My family has¬†been right here with me, which is so, so sweet.¬† My friends are with us on this incredible journey.¬† I’ve met some great, beautiful people.¬† You never know where life is going to take you until you just let life take you.¬† And it’s beautiful.¬† Hard, frustrating, scary, but beautiful.¬† Coppin State asked me to speak on a panel.¬†¬†Woodlawn Page Turners asked me to speak at their anniversary.¬† Liberty Lite Book Club asked me back for their Book Club Extravaganza.¬† Reel Affirmation screened Water In A Broken Glass at the DC Center.¬† And it’s being shown in London!!¬† Come on.¬† London!!¬† I could cry some days.¬† All of this is so special and sweet and wonderful and awesome.¬† And I have my family, friends, and fans of the book to thank for all of this.

  Screening at the DC Center 

The Writer’s Haven

Last night, Jamelle and I were interviewed by V. Helena of the Writer’s Haven Show.¬† We had such an amazing time.¬† V made us feel welcome and at ease.¬† She asked some great questions and had the conversation flowing.¬† I thank her so much for inviting us and allowing us to share our journey with her audience.¬† I will be sure to keep you posted about when the show will air.

Water In A Broken Glass Premiere

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, Water In A Broken Glass premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Historic Senator Theater in Baltimore. Based on the novel Water In A Broken Glass by Odessa Rose, the film was directed by Jamelle Williams-Thomas,  and stars Billie Krishawn, Wes Hall, Toni Belafonte (Last Love Lost), Candiace Dillard (The Real Housewives of Potomac), Shani Ashley, Lee Avant, Carlyncia Peck, Renea Brown, Omar McClune, and Victoria Rowell (The Young and the Restless and Diagnosis Murder.)

The Red Carpet was hosted by KSal and filmed by Leonard Scovens (All Things Baltimore) and Vaughn Mason.

Click on this link to see scenes from the Red Carpet:

I want to thank the 650+ people who attended the premiere and made it such a memorable night for us all.

For more information about Water In A Broken Glass, please visit

White Pages Black Print

I want to take this time to thank the members of White Pages Black Print Book Club for selecting my novel, In the Mirror, for their book-of-the-month.¬† I had the most wonderful time.¬† From the delicious¬†food to the¬†fun, wild discussion,¬†it was a night every author dreams¬†will happen at a book club.¬† I especially want to thank Erica who recommended my novel.¬† That great night wouldn’t have happened without you. ūüôā

Water In A Broken Glass Premiere

Well, it happened!¬† Water In A Broken Glass the film premiere on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at the historic Senator Theater in Baltimore.¬† The Red Carpet started at 6 pm and let me tell you, we sold the theater out.¬† 650 people came out to support the film.¬† It was a spectacular night.¬† The entire cast was in the building–Billie Krishawn, Wes Hall, Candice Dillard, Toni Belafonte, Lee Avent, Carlyencia Peck, and Victoria Rowell. It was an incredible night. I want to thank everyone who came out, especially in the rain.¬† The best thing is afterward, people begin spreading the word about how great the film was so now people are asking when and where they can see it.¬† So I’ll keep you posted about that.¬† In the meantime, here are some pictures from that awesome night. Enjoy.


Tickets! Get Your Tickets!

All right.¬† So it’s official.¬† The tickets for the Water In A Broken Glass premiere are on sale right now.¬† Please, click on the link and get your tickets early because they are moving fast.¬† I want to sincerely thank you all for the support you’ve given me and this project.¬† I dreamed that something like this could happen¬†but didn’t truly believe that dream would ever come true.¬† Now, Thursday, March 1, 2018, Water In A Broken Glass the film will premiere at the Senator in Baltimore at 7 pm.¬† I would absolutely love for you to share this special day with me.¬† So get your tickets as soon as possible.¬† Thank you a thousand times.¬† See you on March 1st.


Christmas List

Hey Y’all.¬† Christmas is just a few days away.¬† If you are still looking for that great gift, I have two–Water In A Broken Glass and In The Mirror.¬† Click on the links and order you copies today.¬† I hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas.

Water In A Broken Glass

In The Mirror

Indiegogo Campaign

Well, the Indiegogo Water In A Broken Glass Finishing Funds Campaign has wrapped.  And thanks to the generosity of our friends and family, we raised $5,140 of our $45,000 Goal, and we had 99 Backers.  It was a great campaign.  And while we did not reach our goal, we truly appreciate each and every person who shared and contributed to our campaign.  So now we are getting ready for the premiere, which will be Thursday, March 1, 2018 at the Senator Theater in Baltimore, 7 pm sharp.  The red carpet will be rolled out and we hope to see you strutting your stuff on it.  Stay tuned for information about tickets and the after party.    Once again, thank you so much for all your help.

Journey From Book to the Big Screen

On Saturday, December 2nd, a few friends and I got together with the Black Writers Guild of Maryland to form a panel entitled From Journey From Book to the Big Screen.  It was one of the best meeting the Guild has ever had.  In addition to myself, the panel featured author and filmmaker, Teresa Davis, rapper, videographer, and filmmaker, Kang Cole, Filmmaker and designer, Devin J. Ricks, and filmmaker Jamelle Williams-Thomas.

We discussed everything from when Jamelle first read Water In A Broken Glass to how to write a screenplay.  Also, several members of the Guild pitched their novels to Jamelle, Devin, Teresa, and Cole to get feedback on what it would take to adapt their books to a movie.

I had an absolute ball and so did the members of the Guild.

Indiegogo Finishing Funds Campaign

What’s goin’ on, People?¬† As you know, we are in the middle of our Indiegogo Finishing Funds Campaign for the film version of Water In A Broken Glass.¬† Our goal is to raise $45,000, most of the money will go to paying the wonderful cast and crew who worked on this film.¬† So far we’ve raised 10% of our goal, $4,375.¬† We have about two weeks to go.¬† I know that we will get the funds we need to bring Water In A Broken Glass to the big screen.¬† The premiere is set for Thursday, March 1, 2018 at the Senator Theater in Baltimore City at 7 pm.¬† It’s going to be a wonderful event.¬† To help support the film, Click the Link and Pick A Perk.¬† It’s that easy.

I will see you all on the red carpet. ūüôā

Indiegogo Campaign for Water In A Broken Glass

A few weeks ago we launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise finishing funds for the film Water In A Broken Glass.¬† So far we have raised $3,070 of the $45,000 needed.¬† We are so thankful and happy for the support we are receiving.¬† We couldn’t do this without it.¬† So, I’m happy to announce that the premiere for Water In A Broken Glass will be Thursday, March 1, 2018 at the Senator Theater, 7 pm sharp.

For those of you have contributed to our campaign we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  For those who have shared it with your friends and family, thank you as well.  Word of mouth goes a long way in the world.  We still have time, so please click on the link and support our campaign.  See you on the red carpet.


Thanks you ūüôā

Cherry Hill Book Club

On Saturday, I met a wonderful group of women who make up the Cherry Hill Book Club.  What an awesome time we had discussing Water In A Broken Glass.  They truly got into the story.  Marsha, the president, had three pages, front and back, of notes and questions.  I felt like I was in school being tested on a reading assignment.  LOL  It was wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thank you Ladies for selecting Water In A Broken Glass and the great support.  Also, I made their wall of writers.  I feel so special. LOL  See you Ladies at the premiere for Water In A Broken Glass.

Water the Film Name Change

Big Announcement.

On Sunday, Jamelle, Tekoa, and I shot the crowdfunding video for the film.¬† Right before the shoot, Jamelle announced that she’s decided to change the name of the film to match the book.¬† So Water the Film is now Water In A Broken Glass.¬† Yea!!¬† So stay tuned for other great news about the Water In A Broken Glass the film.


In The Mirror

Hey Everyone!

Finally, In The Mirror is now available!!!¬† Click on the following link and begin your journey into the heart and mind of the other woman.¬† Read In The Mirror and see the other woman in a way she hasn’t been seen before, even by herself.¬† Thanks so much for your support.¬† I know you are going to love Jasmine.

Click¬†the link below¬†ūüôā

Countdown to the Rerelease of In The Mirror

In just a few short days, everyone will be able to purchase the revised edition of In The Mirror.  You can order it at Amazon

Barnes and Noble


Order Today!  Thank you in advance for all your support.

The Baltimore Book Festival 2017

I had one of the best times at the Baltimore Book Festival on Sunday.  I met a lot of talented authors and a bunch of excited readers, who were looking for the next book that will keep them reading through the night.

The new cover for In The Mirror was a big hit.¬† Readers could not resist picking the book up and once they read the synopsis, they couldn’t leave without buying it.¬† So, once again I want to thank Tyrone Wilkens, Toni Belafonte, Lauren Smith, and Malcolm Blackman for helping me reshoot the cover.¬† It is a beautiful thing.

So below are so highlights from the festival.¬† On my Facebook page, are interviews of several authors, who were gracious enough to allow me to Go Live so I could share their work with my friends and family, who, by the way, were super, super supportive and came out to get their copy of In The Mirror.¬† I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.¬† Happy Reading ūüôā