The Re-release of In The Mirror

For the last few months, I’ve been working feverishly to re-release my novel, In The Mirror.  It’s been a challenge because I am determined to produce a great story, inside and out.  Meaning, I want the cover and interior to be awesome.  I’ve been working with some wonderful people.  Natalie Stokes-Peters has been formatting the interior.  I wrote In the Mirror using Word.  Natalie uses InDesign.  The two programs did not mesh well at all.  In reading the book, I found over 700 edits that Natalie had to address.  That took a lot of time.

The cover is another thing that has taken a lot of time.  More time than I expected.  We shot the cover in April.  Here is the link to the behind the scenes of the cover shoot.

Well, we have a beautiful cover. The only problem is the digital version looks great, but the physical copy prints too dark.  The main character, Jasmine, can be seen, although not at vibrant as the digital version, and the two other characters, Daniel and Regina, are hardly visible at all.  So I am working hard to get it right.

My hope is that I’ll have it correct before the Baltimore Book Festival.

🙂 Happy Reading.

Book Promotion

I’m in the difficult stage of promoting my novel, In The Mirror.  I’m doing quite well, but it is a hard thing to do, mainly because I’m a writer and want to spend my time writing not promoting.  But if I do not promote, who’s going to read the wonderful stories I’m writing?  So I’m doing everything I can to let people know about my work.  And to tell the truth, it’s not all that bad.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun.  It’s fun going around meeting new people and telling them about your work.  A lot of times I end up talking about something other than my books, and that’s great, too.

And to honest, we have it a lot easier than writers back in the day.  We have the internet, and self-publishing platforms that have taken the stigma out of self-publishing, although I don’t understand why the stigma was there to begin with.  Well, I understand it, but I’m not sure why so many writers fell for it.  But that’s another post.

This post is for all us writers who are not promoters but find ourselves promoting our work so that we can reach our audience.   Take some advice from Toni Cade Bambara, who said this during a 1982 interview with Kay Bonetti.

“A lot of developing writers think that once you’ve gotten the manuscript polished and edited, you’re through. You just send it out, you get published, and you’re through. No, it’s not through. That’s just step one. In fact that’s the easiest part, probably. The hardest part, what requires the work, imagination, and energy, and stamina and endurance is, as I say, doing that little Brer Rabbit number. Getting past book sellers who don’t want your book, getting past publishing companies who bury your book or shred it, getting past that whole promotional salesmen network to actually reach your audience. It just requires a lot of footwork. But I think it’s possible. I mean, one can do it. You know, it just takes a lot of energy.”

So we can do this!  She did it way back then.  We can do it now.  So we are not going to give up.  We are going to go out and tell somebody about our work today.


I keep hearing that bookstores are on their way out.  Yet, major publishers caution us against self-publishing because we won’t get our books in bookstores.  If bookstores are going to be extinct, their argument makes no sense.

Kizmic’s Journey

I’m having fun with the edits for Kizmic’s Journey.  I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to self-publish or go the traditional route.  Years ago this wouldn’t be a difficult decision.  Technology has made self-publishing so easy that it seems more of an option than ever before.

I think people are going to love Kizmic’s Journey.  This story is so special to me, and it’s a lot of fun to write.  If I self-publish, I’m going to release it in July 2013.  It’s a great summer book.