In the Mirror

In the Mirror is coming along great.  I’m editing the book like crazy.  I ran into a few roadblocks, but now I’m up and running again.  The edits to the book are making it such a better book than it was before.  Everyone word connects to the story and helps you understand the characters and experience this world like never before.  I can’t wait to finally release this new and interesting take on the other woman to the world. Thanks for waiting.  You will not regret it.

Reading In the Mirror

I’ve noticed that when I describe the plot of In the Mirror to potential readers, most shy away from the book.  I completely understand and sympathize with their response, because this is such a deeply personal and painful topic.
During the research phase of writing this book, I learned that a number of women are or have been the other woman.  Several have friends or family members who are or have been the other woman.
Any of these being the case, they do not want to open themselves up to a book they believe will berate them or the people they love.  Then there are women who have been betrayed by their husbands in this manner, and do not feel the need to vicariously relive that heart-wrenching experience.  And still, there are those who think that In the Mirror is simply another run-of-the-mill story about a no-good man cheating on his wife with a heartless, demented woman.
But I can assure you that In the Mirror spares its readers all the stereotypical drama we have seen in movies and read in other novels.  In the Mirror is a refreshing, compassionate, heart-to-heart tale about the other woman.  Written with vivid detail and rich humor, I explore the complex realm of the human psyche.  Grounded in themes of love, choices, family and friendship, I show the husband, the wife and the other woman in ways they have never been seen before, even by themselves.

Let’s Talk About The Other Woman

Who is the other woman?  What does she want?  How did she become the other woman?  What does she have to endure, accept, ignore and sacrafice in order to keep her status as the other woman?  Is the other woman lonely.  Does she have low self-esteem?  Is she mentally unstable?  How long will she be content with being the other woman?  Is she content with being the other woman?  Does she believe it’s worth it to be the other woman?  We she get the prize in the end?  Does the other woman have low expectations for men?  What does the other woman get from being the other woman?  How does the other woman cope with being the other woman?  Is the other woman your mother, sister, best girlfriend, aunt?  What exactly do you say about the other woman?  What exactly do you say to the other woman?