This Is Baltimore, Too

If you’ve watched The Wire or The CornerHomicide you’re probably wondering how we can love such a drug infested, crime ridden place as Baltimore.  Well, the answer is simple.  We know of places in Baltimore that are wonderful.  We know people in Baltimore whose biggest dream is not to be a drug dealer.  We know mothers and fathers who actually love and care for their children.  We know children who walk past drug dealers to go to school.  We’ve seen drug dealers move out of the way of these children so they can have a brighter future.  We know teachers who work their behinds off to make sure their students receive the best education they can give them.  We know men and women who volunteer at churches and recreation centers so that they can help the community grow.

These are the people and places that inspired the creation of This Is Baltimore, Too.  There are people and places in Baltimore that are so unique, so courageous, and so off the beaten path that most find them hard to believe. They think of them as Urban Legends.  But we know they exist.  We’ve seen them, talked with them, played with them, laughed with them, fought with them, cried with them.  Heck!  We are them!

During President Obama’s Inauguration, Sen. Alexander quoted Alex Haley: “Find the good and praise it.”  That’s what This Is Baltimore, Too is all about.  Finding the good in Baltimore and praising it.  And contrary to popular belief, the good ain’t hard to find.

So click on the link below and explore Baltimore through its people.

Happy Viewing.