Praises for In The Mirror

“…intense…kept me coming back again and again until I’d read the entire book.”

–Talibah Chikwendu, AFRO American Newspaper

“Odessa Rose is the ultimate storyteller and does not disappoint with Mirror. This novel promises to Open your eyes to infidelity like you’ve never experienced before….”  –Lady Brunchers Book Club

“…a very intense story.”  –APOOO Bookclub

In The Mirror evokes emotion. The story stays with you.”  –Classy Image Bookclub

“Take a look at In The Mirror. You just might see yourself.”  –Dahni McPhail, author of My Girl Is Your Girlfriend

“This novel encompasses all the markings of an interesting read—passion, lust, romance, heartbreak, shocking truths, and paralyzing self-discovery.” –Minister Shinelle Davis Oglesby

“Normally the other woman is on the outside and not able to look in. Rose resolves this by placing Jasmine Falls in the middle of her married lover’s house. What unfolds is an emotionally gripping, wrecking tale of a woman who wants to prove she is more than a fling.”  –G. Dan Buford, author of Separate But Equal

“…very well written…many surprises throughout…The storyline is just amazing.”  –Boost Book Club

“Characters are Rose’s bread and butter, and she does them well, making you feel as if they are your friends and sometimes your enemy, wondering what makes them tick and what will tick them off. In the end reality bleeds true and life turns out…interesting. The closet will never be the same again after reading In The Mirror.”  –Anondra “Kat” Williams, author of Sista Girl

Praises for Water In A Broken Glass

 “Rose’s meditative insights into family closeness and loyalty
and her exquisite sense of detail make this a promising debut
and a strikingly unusual romance.”
–Whitney Scott, Booklist

“. . . this novel fearlessly speaks to an often invisible culture
with the hope that the reader will walk away a little more
human, a tad more tolerant, and a heck of a lot smarter.”
–Doni Glover, Journalist and On-air Talent

“A fantastic Book!”
–Delegate Barbara Robinson

“Rose blends music, color and a range of characters and human emotions, thus creating a wonderful field of texture upon which the reader can play.”
–Ann Cobb, Coppin State University Professor

“Intriguing. Once you encounter the mix of characters you can’t put it down.”
–B.J. DeGraff, Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland

“Mrs. Rose has created real people—flawed, strong, hopeful people—and allowed us to watch their lives unfold and share their struggle, growth and emergence.”
–Talibah Chikwendu, Columnist and Operations Specialist for the AFRO American Newspapers

“Odessa Rose makes the reader comfortable with the characters, as well as their surroundings and graciously helps the reader to truly understand Tonya’s confusion!”
-–Cheryl Robinson, Just About Books Internet Radio Talk Show

“[Rose’s] gift for creating characters of depth and settings that carry the taste of reality make this book a real delight for those who prize vivid characters and realistic settings in their fiction.”
–Ed Doyle-Gillespie, Word House

“I was extremely impressed with Rose’s grasp of language and description.”
-–Shon Bacon, Author

“Water In A Broken Glass is the most deliciously written book I’ve read in quite some time.”
–-J. Dulcet, editor and writer for AUniQue Publishing Company.

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