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Below is another A Few Minutes On Writing.  This post talks about the self-doubt that most authors are afflicted with from time to time.  I’m sure almost every author has heard the story about Stephen King and how after writing Carrie, he threw it in the trash and his wife retrieved it.  Self-doubt causes more authors to throw their writing careers away than anything.

I’m back with another episode of A Few Minutes On Writing.  Check it out as I give you the latest on my writing, events, This Is Baltimore, Too, Odessa Rose Presents The Pitch, and the new What Authors Do When Wednesday.  As always, thanks for the support.


Today on A Few Minutes On Writing I talk about the Baltimore African American Book Festival, This Is Baltimore Too, Kizmic’s Journey, and Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing.


If you are a writer, one of the hardest things to do is feel confident about your work.  You are always doubting whether you are good enough.  If the story you want to tell is important enough.  Will readers get what you are trying to say?  Will you get what you are trying to say?  I go through this every other day, it seems.  And every time something happens to make me believe in myself.  Yesterday, something happened.  Or should I say, someone happened.

Writer and radio personality, Claudia Moss, asked me to answer a few questions for her blog about a month ago.  I was happy to do so, and felt honored that she would want to interview me.  Well, I was not expecting the glowing piece that she wrote about me.  She not only talked about my books, but she included a picture of herself taking my In The Mirror Challenge.  She photographed herself smiling with an electronic copy of In The Mirror.  Then she posted the questions I answered.  This is by far the best write-up I’ve ever had.  I feel like a New York Times Best Seller.  But to say that is to negate the respect women like Claudia have for my work.  With this beautifully written piece, Claudia made me understand that I am a Best Seller.  That my work is important.  That my readers get what I’m saying.  That I get what I’m saying.

Writers don’t get heartfelt, honest praise like this every day.  And so I want to take this opportunity to thank Claudia for this special gift, which has made me see beyond the Best Seller list and see me, a writer.

I Love You, Claudia.

Read my special gift from Claudia and subscribe to her blog. You will receive a gift just as special.


A few weeks ago, I contacted the owner of Club 347 and told him that his club was featured in In The Mirror.  He told me to bring 2 posters and a signed copy of the book and he would post them in 347.  We dropped the posters off last night, and he invited me to speak on Monday and Thursday night.  I also met a poet name Miss. Jones and she also invited me to speak at her events and she wants a copy of the book.  So, I want to thank Ronald, Miss. Jones, and the folks at 347 for all the support.

Ronald, owner of Coub 347, Located at 347 N. Calvert Street 443-506-7200

Ronald, owner of Coub 347, Located at 347 N. Calvert Street


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