In the Mirror


What does a woman do when she needs to prove that her boyfriend is not in love with his wife? 

This is the dilemma facing physical therapist Jasmine Falls, who goes against her common sense and good home training and becomes romantically involved with Daniel Roberts, a community organizer with a wife and two young children. Jasmine is blissfully content with her secret love affair until it begins to cause friction between herself and her best friend, Candy, who sees Jasmine's love for Daniel as selfish, despicable, and just downright dumb. And then there are Jasmine's parents, who are well on their way to admitting that the daughter they reared to be open-minded but not stupid has fooled around and gotten herself mixed up with somebody else's husband. 

Desperate to keep Candy from yip-yapping about her being a homewrecker and to keep her parents from lying awake at night wondering where they went wrong, Jasmine does the unthinkable. She breaks into Daniel's house. But unlike some more infamous home invaders, Jasmine's goal is not to knock off Daniel's wife or make goulash out of the family pet. Her only objective is to do what every woman in her position wishes she had the guts and opportunity to do--become a fly on the wall of her lover's life so she can bear witness to the fact that Daniel is in love with her, not the woman he's been married to for the past thirteen years. The question is, does Jasmine see what is meant to be or what never should have been? 

In this passionately written story of love, choices, family, and friendship, Rose shows the other woman in a way she hasn't been seen before, even by herself. 

What Are People Saying About In The Mirror ?

“. . . intense . . . kept me coming back again and again until I’d read the entire book.” Talibah Chikwendu, AFRO American Newspaper

“Odessa Rose is the ultimate storyteller and does not disappoint with Mirror. This novel promises to open your eyes to infidelity like you’ve never experienced before.” Lady Brunchers Book Club

“In the Mirror evokes emotion.  The story stays with you.” Classy Image Bookclub

“Take a look at In the Mirror.  You just might see yourself.” Dahni McPhail, author of My Girl Is Your Girlfriend

Water In A Broken Glass


During her senior year in high school, renowned sculptor Tonya Mimms discovered that she is different from all the other girls, except for that one girl, who winked her left eye at Tonya and made her feel as though she had been kissed on the nape of her neck. Since that horrifying, precious day, Tonya has been using her artwork to forget how painfully sweet that wink felt.

Ten years later, Tonya meets Malcolm Holland, a charming accountant with a dazzling gap between his teeth that lures her in the way a man's secrets seduces a woman's ear. Suddenly, that girl from high school fades from her memory as Tonya finds herself genuinely in love with a man for the first time in her life. But Tonya's happiness turns to fearful bliss when she happens upon Satin Pierce, an alluring, fascinating bookstore owner, who has one of Tonya's sculptures prominently displayed on a shelf in her bedroom, as if in anticipation for the fateful day that she will make Tonya remember the thrilling sweetness of that first kiss on her nape.

In Water in a Broken Glass, Odessa Rose paints a landscape where identities sculpted by art and narrow boundaries are put to the test of life and all of its possibilities.

What are people saying about Water In A Broken Glass?

"Rose's meditative insights into family closeness and loyalty and her exquisite sense of detail make this a promising debut and a strikingly unusual romance." Whitney Scott,  American Library Association.  


“Odessa Rose has painted vivid descriptions of both the characters and the scenes in Water In A Broken Glass and has given us an engaging debut novel.”


“. . . sensuous story twists and turns . . . It's a joyous journey through eroticism and art alike . . . a major triumph of African-American lesbian literature.”

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“[Rose’s] gift for creating characters of depth, and settings that carry the taste of reality, make this book a real delight for those who prize vivid characters and realistic settings in their fiction.”

Ed Doyle-Gillespie, Word House

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